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The fleet of CLS luxury and security vehicles is considered the most beautiful, luxurious, and modern in the United States and Worldwide. No client’s wishes will go unheeded, whether high profile, with stretch limousines and lead and chase vehicles, or low profile with a single Mercedes, Cadillac sedan, or S.U.V., we can and will accommodate you.




Our luxurious limousines are chosen and purchased for their unique styling, graceful lines, and beauty. The limousines offer passengers plenty of room, comfort, seclusion, and privacy. They are equipped with wet bars, beverages, digital sound, tinted windows, and anything else the client may ask for to make their time in a CLS limousine unlike any other they have ever enjoyed.

Custom Vans

CLS custom vans come in various sizes and seating configurations, for groups large and small, with a few bags of luggage to dozens of bags of luggage. The vans are well styled and cleaned under a thirty-five point check system each time they are taken out. The windows provide beautiful views to the passing scenery and allow room for groups of one to a dozen.


executive sedans

The Mercedes, Lincoln, Cadillac, Lexus, B.M.W., and other sedans CLS offer to its distinguished clientele are a dream. The comfortable roomy seating and quiet ride are a beautiful escape and joy to ride in. These are the finest cars made in the world for comfort, grace, and style and CLS would have it no other way.
One can but feel the tension and stress leave the body when the door of one of these vehicles shut and the world is shut out. The drive is smooth and unmatched by any other vehicles made.

Mini Buses

Provide maximum comfort and visibility for groups up to thirty-three people with our custom built mini-buses.


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