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Capital Limousine Service is partners with major luxury hotels to provide a hassle free service where our clients will only focus on their journey and not worry about hotel reservations, room booking, or checking in and out times.

At Capital Limousine Service we are devoted to providing you with first class personal service and feature the ultimate in comfort, courtesy, reliability and dependability.

If you want to book in a specific hotel in town, we will be glad to help you with the reservations.


We are dedicated to giving you responsive service as well as an exceptional transportation experience.

Capital Limousine Service can assist you with the following accommodations:

    Assist with the time consuming task of locating the properties that meet or exceed your requirements. 

  •  hotel

  • NEGOTIATION: Negotiate the best possible contract terms for you or your organization, as well as negotiate value added amenities for you. 
  • SITE INSPECTION: Arrange for site inspection if needed.     
  • CONTRACTS/PROPOSALS: Obtain vital documentation to secure you at the ideal location.  
  • FOLLOW UP: Ensure all is finalized for a successful stay/event.

    Regardless of the size of your meeting requirements or length of your stay, accommodations for you will consider you our first priority to find the perfect location just for you! We are here to act as your "personal assistant" to save you time & frustration of calling various hotels to find the best fit for your needs.

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